Raf Fiol

Founder and co-CEO

Member Since: Day One.
Talents: Guitar, Bass
Favorite Artist: Eric Clapton, The Police, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others.
Pastimes: Boating, writing software, and performing live with his band The Vibe.

Raf founded the site in February of 2007 to provide musicians around the world with a next-generation platform for online music collaboration.

Raf holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida. He has been responsible for software development teams for some of the largest online name-brands, including Hotel Connections, InterActive Corp, Yupi MSN, and others.


Gerald Catenacci


Member Since: 2012 (late bloomer)
Talents: Guitar, songwriting
Favorite Artist: The Beatles
Pastimes: Learning to play the piano.

Gerald holds a degree in Civil Engineering from McMaster University. He has spent the majority of his career in financial services working for RBC Dominion Securities (Toronto/New York), founded Principled Capital Management and more recently as the principle at Neustrada Capital, LLC.

Gerald serves on the board of Make Music New York, a non-profit organization that arranges over 1,000 live concerts in New York City on June 21st each year.


Steve Gardner

VP Sales & Marketing

Member Since: 2009
Talents: Vocals, guitar
Favorite Artists: Collective Soul, Charlie Farren, Gladys Knight & Eric Johnson
Pastimes: Golf, cycling, roller coasters and music.

Steve comes to Kompoz with well over 25 years of sales, business development and marketing experience. Steve's previous management positions have been in telecommunications, publishing, software and Internet start-ups.

Since joining Kompoz in 2009, he has created collaboration contests, educational partnerships and has helped to establish Kompoz as the leader in online music collaboration throughout the music industry.

In addition to Steve's professional background, he brings 30 plus years of musical experience and has been a member of the Kompoz community since 2009. Under the moniker of 'sanger', Steve has created and joined in excess of 150 Kompoz collaborations. Steve's talents are vocals, songwriting, guitars, bass, keyboards and music production.